Celebrating Discipline

Celebrating discipline.

Celebrating discipline.

I’m such a slow reader these days but you know what? It doesn’t matter anymore to me how fast or slow I read something. Perhaps I’m getting older. Perhaps I’m just beginning to understand that life isn’t just about being fast and it isn’t just about getting to the destination. But whatever it is I’m certainly taking my time to read through “Celebration of Discipline” by Richard Foster. I just finished the final bits of Chapter 2 this morning and am thankful for the lessons that I’m learning about meditating on God. It’s so difficult to shut out the voice of the world; the stresses and its worries but I’m learning to do so every morning and also throughout the day. Here’s are two quotes from the book that struck me this morning.

“Always remember that we enter the story not as passive observers, but as active participants. Also remember that Christ is truly with us to teach us, to heal us, to forgive us.”

“The purpose of meditation is to enable us to hear God more clearly. Meditation is listening, sensing, heeding the life and light of Christ. This comes right to the heart of our faith. The life that pleases God is not set on religious duties; it is to hear His voice and obey His word. Meditation opens the door to this way of living.”

Very awesome stuff. And the book is over 20 years old.

Till next time.


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