The Centre

“Christianity is Christ – knowing Him, gaining Him, and trusting Him.”
-John Stott
My daily devotional guide.

My daily devotional guide.

The above is something that I read this morning in my devotional. As much as I struggle through issues and challenges in life I am thankful for the treasure of Christ in my life. I treasure every morning I spend talkin’ to God and readin’ His Word. Without which I wouldn’t be able to make it through my days.

I know that I still don’t demonstrate the full measure of Christ in my life but that won’t stop me from continuing to strive to give Him more access into my being so there is less of me and more of Him. There’s still so much of the un-Christ-like me that emerges and I pray that as I cultivate my relationship with Him that others will be able to see the difference that Jesus makes in life.

Christianity is truly Christ.


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