A Non-Weekend… Almost

It's a prepaid thing.

It's a prepaid thing.

It’s been an almost non-weekend. Been working on stuff for Happy most of the weekend in between jaunts in the wasteland that is Fallout 3. At least I had the game to keep me somewhat sane even as I worked so hard on the stuff that we need to get out to the client. The past few weeks have been crazy and work has just been full up with multiple projects on top of this one. It’s madness!

Preparing for the future in an irradiated wasteland.

Preparing for the future in an irradiated wasteland.

On top of that there were things to do to for Four Forty to close our books for the last financial year that just ended. It’s been so difficult to balance things out but I’m thankful that I’m finding my groove.

Highlight of the weekend was worship at church this morning and lunch after with D & her cell. The sermon jumped through a lot of scripture and to be honest I found it difficult to pay attention because the topic of discipleship just wasn’t hitting home. The low-light of the weekend was missing out on hanging at The Curve with my friends cos’ I had to home to continue working on Happy. *Sighs* … at least I had Fallout 3. Heh.

It’s now officially Monday. And so another week begins. I leave everyone with these infamous lines from Fallout …

“War … War Never Changes”

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