Mobile Number Portability. Faith Too?

Switch to DiGi.

Switch to DiGi.

Mobile Number Portability has just hit Malaysia. Officially launched just last Wednesday now Malaysians everywhere can switch from one provider to another and keep their existing mobile number. That’s a HUGE boon to consumers everywhere and honestly I am leaning towards switching to DiGi but will probably wait till their 3G services are launched.

The uber cool HTC Touch Pro.

The uber cool HTC Touch Pro.

I’ll most likely be buying over my bud J-son’s new HTC Touch Pro (as he can’t send emails out through it) and looking at how things are at work; getting an unlimited data line to access email and the web would be quite cool. I am heading out for meetings a little more these days and quite possibly I’d see an increase in that as I start liaising with clients more. Emailing them on the go is pretty good too cos’ sometimes I’m at church or somewhere else and taking some time in-between activities to answer emails would help pace things for me at work. There’s just a tonne to do in the office and sometimes it’s just quite overwhelming.

Convenience is something that all of us look for but that’s not true when it comes to God. Sometimes it seems as if God can be a convenience in life for some of us. I’m learning a lot more that God is NOT a convenience. He has good plans for us yes and I believe that how we feel and what we go through is on His mind too BUT our comfort & happiness is NOT the most important thing to Him. His relationship with me is what it’s all about. It’s about BEING not about striving. That seems so contradictory … how can I be if I do not first get there? I’m still figuring this out about God but I’m glad that I have Him.

As much as I struggle in my faith to make it real and to rest in Him; I have that deep assurance that He is the constant in my life. And I can be 100% honest with Him about the way I feel and the things I go through because He is the ONLY one who does not judge me. In Him there is true acceptance. Unlike Mobile Number Portability where we can switch from one provider to another; there is only one provider in life; God. I can’t explain it 100% but believing in God is not just about knowing it in our heads and hearts; it’s also about stepping out and putting a measure of faith in Him. I believe that’s what the Bible talks about when some of the authors in there write about how blessed are those who believe even though they have not seen.

I’m off to Bentong today. An old classmate from school just got married today and the dinner is on tonight. I have mixed emotions about seeing my old friends; I just hope they don’t egg me about whether or not I’m seeing someone. That question is always hard to take … especially at weddings.



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