The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Coming to you this Christmas!

Coming to you this Christmas!

I just watched a most interesting trailer off!

A new Brad Pitt movie that also stars classic screen beauty Cate Blanchett. Based on a F. Scott Fitzgerald short story; the movie revolves around Benjamin Button, a baby born with the physique of an 80-year old man and as he grows him, curiously he grows younger while everyone else around him older.

It’s set somewhere in pre-World War 1 or 2 I think (I can’t tell for sure … but I think I did see a German U-boat in one of the scenes featured in the trailer). It’s certainly one of the more interesting new movies to look forward to this Christmas season. Ah … something to look forward to for a change.

I’m absolutely uncompelled to go to the cinema as there is really nothing out there that catches my eye these days. Sigh … I miss the cinemas …

Check out the trailer here!


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