That’s All

The movie that made my day better.

The movie that made my day better.

Movies. Movies. Movies. A good movie always makes me feel a whole lot better. Just watched my brand new Region 1 copy of “The Devil Wears Prada” and it’s such a great movie. The soundtrack is a good one too; I guess that’s why I love “City of Blinding Lights” – a track by U2 that plays just as Andy Sachs & Miranda Priestly arrive in Paris for Fashion Week. Ha ha … makes me wish that I had the glamorous life of someone in the fashion industry; but I suppose I’ll just settle for being a creative in web and on-going balancing act in working out 440 Records. I have not been able to do much for that at all … *sighs*

I had a long day that started at 5.45am; it’s been a bit of a nightmare these days but I guess I’m getting used to waking up at odd hours even on weekends. It’s something that I need to live with and the sooner I accept it the better I’ll get through life.

It was frustrating at first but I’m learning to just roll with it. What I can do to ensure I get enough sleep and that starts really with reorganising myself. Bedtime. It all starts with bedtime. And since I get up early every day anyways, the solution is to just sleep earlier.

The great thing about waking up early is really just to start the day off just as the sun comes up. The quiet in the morning is refreshing. The time I get to spend with God in the mornings is the one thing that helps me get through the day and it’s especially great when the day is a great one. Then I know that there’s no one to thank for but the Big Guy up there.

OK OK … it’s 11:09pm. Time to turn in for bed or I’d be a zombie tomorrow. G’nite folks!


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