I’m on Google!

Google me up, Scotty!

Google me up, Scotty!

Mua ha ha ha ha … guess what?! Just for fun I googled my name up “Chris Leow” and this blog actually turns up as Number 9 in the first set of search results! This blog is a Google Page 1 site! I’m feeling quite pleased actually because I feel as if I mean something on the internet (or rather this blog means something on the web).

I clicked on Google Images and a shot of me taken by Louis Pang turns up as item number 1! If you don’t believe me check out the screenshots I took off my Macbook below:

Click on the images for a larger image.
I am Number #9.

I am Number #9.

I am Number #1!

I am Number #1!

Dare I say it? I rawk! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Beat that Search Engine Optimisers … I didn’t do anything and somehow from the cross-links being generated by some other sites and my name being mentioned here and there this blog currently sits pretty at Number 9 on Google. Pretty cool no? Of course I doubt anyone would purposely do a search using my name as a search keyword unless he or she is a stalker … or really into me. Ha ha … now that’s a thought.

On another note … it’s been a rough week. I can’t believe Connor’s gone and I have yet to put up anything substantial about my thoughts & feelings of his passing. I’ll do that tomorrow in the morning I guess …

Till then, good night everybody!


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