An Encouraging Update About Connor!

Prayer makes a difference!

Prayer makes a difference!

Hi everyone,

What a difference 24 hours of prayer makes! He’s looking great. Even though the tube’s still up through his nose he looks so much more comfortable. And he’s so much stronger! Seeing him this evening really made my day & week. I am so happy & thankful for how much God is doing.

And you know what? I prayed for him today and after I said amen … I looked up and I saw his breathing rate was at 20-something! Wow … Prayer is really awesome. But then when I stopped praying it went up again to about 30-something 40. Man! I should have claimed with more faith!

His breathing readings are different. I looked at the squiggly line reading on the screen of the apparatus that monitors Connor’s vitals and it’s different. The readings for his respiratory rate are more consistent & squarish instead of being squiggly & wavy. I think that means that his breathing is stable now and more consistent. I dunno how to explain la … I’m not doctor.

But suffice to say I am so happy that Connor is doing so much better!


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