Keep on Praying

Keep on prayin'.

Keep on prayin'.

Please keep on praying everyone …

Connor was just re-admitted into ICU again today. I just saw him at 7-something and he looked down and discouraged. His respiratory rate was not too good and he was breathing more heavily compared to when I last saw him.

He was really going through such a tough time as he had a tube stuck into him for nutrients and it was really making him uncomfortable. Let’s not cease in praying and if any of us go to hospital next please prepare yourselves to be an encouragement ya? As much as he needs to be strong, we need to be strong for him too I believe.

His dad looked very tired too and had red eyes. All the weeks at hospital is taking a toll on him. Please pray for uncle too. Auntie looked pretty alright but physically but I know she must feel the pain of a mother for her son. Do keep the both of them in prayer and if you can speak Cantonese or Hakka, it’d be awesome to have a chat with them should you meet them at the hospital.

Thanks! Sign up to the prayer chain if you haven’t already done so. It’s available here.


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