Connor is out of ICU! Hooray!

Blind Bartimaeus' healing.

Blind Bartimaeus' healing.

Thank you everyone for praying. Connor is seeing a huge improvement and has just been discharged today from the ICU in Pantai Medical Centre after being admitted in there last Thursday. The treatment he’s getting there is top-notch and God has been using the doctors and nurses there to really take good care of him. Connor has even been blessed with 2 Christian trainee nurses; one of whom has been taking time to do Quiet Time with him in the mornings. Really awesome stuff.

For those of you who were praying for Connor last Thursday night; your prayers really made a difference as he had an acute breathing attack that night and his family was rushed to the hospital to decide whether or not he had to be put on a ventilator. God really worked a miracle because just as his family arrived; Connor’s breathing stabilised.

It was a HUGE scare and that night when I received the SMS I prayed so much. I had just seen him that evening and it was pretty disheartening to see him so discouraged that day after Calvin Yong broke the news to him that it could possibly be cancer in the lungs. Plus I had just learnt that patients who are put on ventilators generally don’t recover fully … it was a very emotional night … but God really showed up in such a big way and I am so thankful that we are seeing Connor improve day by day. The scans of his lungs show an improvement and that’s really awesome! Yay!

So much has been happening this week and it’d be really great if we were all to keep on praying for Connor. Sign up and be part of the prayer chain right here if you haven’t done so already.

God bless …


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