Avril & My Friends who are Sick…

The uber cool CROSSBONEZ logo!

The uber cool CROSSBONEZ logo!

The weather wasn’t too great at the start of the concert and those of us who were there early sat through a short spell of rain. Thankfully the organisers supplied us with cheap plastic raincoats which helped as we waited for Avril to make her appearance. The concert was so-so because of the crap sound set-up. Check out the pictures and more about Avril’s KL date here!

It was a tiring day for me that day cos’ I walked a lot after taking the LRT from PJ after my meet-up at a client’s place. The sad thing was that I had taken off earlier from PJ to go visit a friend who’s battling cancer at Tung Shin Hospital but because I had gotten off the wrong stop I couldn’t see him before the concert.

I did get to see him at the end of the day though after the concert and it was sad to see him struggling to breathe. *Sigh* … All I could do was just stand in the room silently and prayed in my heart for him. It was such a sad experience when I dropped by the hospital after the Avril concert and to see his mom & dad doing their best to make him comfortable.



The good news is that I just saw him today and he’s on steroids which are helping him. He looks much healthier and I’m glad that I could make him smile some despite the fact that he was struggling to breathe. The doctors can’t do much and all we can do now is pray and spend what time with him. To all my regular readers. Please pray with me for my friend Connor. I really believe that God is able to heal but it’s really up to Him.

So many people are being afflicted by cancer. I was with my cellies in Batu Gajah, Perak over the weekend visiting another young man battling this terrible disease. My new friend Kar Wai is fighting a brain tumour and it was sad to see another young man being robbed of life by cancer. I hate it. I hate that life has sickness and death. I hate the fact that these two young men in their prime are going to be taken from us. Sigh … I pray a miracle for them both. Only God can work.

I’ll be visiting Connor tomorrow and I hope to see him better. His spirits were up today and he ate a fair bit of porridge. I hope to bring a bit more cheer to him to encourage him to keep fighting. He must pull through, there is so much more to life waiting for him. A loving wife in his future. A family of his own one day. Kids. And there’re so many more lives that he can touch.

Guys. Please join me in praying for my dear brother in Christ. And please pray with my cell and others for Kar Wai as well. Two young men who are fighting for their lives. Thank you.


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