I Officially Dub This Week "Minggu Avril Lavigne"

ROCK K.L. AVRIL! You can DO it!

ROCK K.L. AVRIL! You can DO it!

It’s Avril Lavigne fever this week as I’m gonna be setting my iTunes playlist into an endless loop of Avril tracks in preparation for this Friday’s concert. My leave has been approved and I’m all set with 2 other friends coming with me too! Mua ha ha ha ha ha! Looks like this year isn’t a total music loss after all.

I won’t be able to go for Diana Krall but I’m all for Avril cos’ I really like her songs; she’s got a knack in coming up with great hooks in her songs. I honestly don’t know if she’ll sound great on stage compared to her studio stuff … but I’m ready to be sold come Friday evening.

On another note, I’ve heard rumours that John Mayer may be hitting Singapore this year. Can anyone confirm this? I would so love to catch him live even if it means travelling down over the Causeway. Great guitarist. Smooth vocals. What’s not to like about Mr. Mayer? Besides the fact that he dumped Jennifer Aniston … useless fella … I think he’s an awesome live performer. I’ve seen enough videos of him to be able to judge for myself; it doesn’t hurt that I’m such a guitar geek … heh!

Anyways as the title of this post says … this week is “Minggu Avril Lavigne” for me. Have a fun week guys!

P.S. Juwita is currently making her own rounds in Australia. Follow her chronicles on Facebook or check out her website here!


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