It’s OFFICIAL! Avril is ON!!!



I had a pretty good day despite my upset plans to go to Ipoh to visit someone who’s battling a brain tumour. Caught Clone Wars in the cinema on my own … it was freezing but all in all it was a good afternoon of Jedi, Sith, Clone Troopers and Droids battling out over alien landscapes.

Made it to church too (although I sadly missed the entire worship) and heard a really awesome sermon by Pastor Peter Tsukahira which for some reason made me cry as I was deeply reminded about God being a promise-keeping God. And it was all done through scripture and proof of God bringing Israel back together as a nation after being scattered all over the world and experiencing the horrors of the Holocaust during WWII. I went up for prayer and well … I just couldn’t stop crying because of the great sense of God’s faithfulness.

And guess what? When I got home I learnt that Avril is OFFICIALLY on! Stadium Merdeka here I come!!! Oh yeah!!! I had included it in my prayer requests this week to the cell and they we all prayed for it; the best thing is that my prayer sec had highlighted my prayer request for Avril to be on and well … here’s an answer to my prayer! I’ve already taken the 29th off and now all I need is someone to go with me. Yay!



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