Hooray! Avril Here I Come!

Avril Lavigne Live in Malaysia 08'.

Avril Lavigne Live in Malaysia 08'.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha … My bookings for Avril Lavigne have just been confirmed today via email. I’m gonna take either a half-day or full-day off on the 29th so I can make it for the concert in time. Now I just gotta work on getting a friend to go with me.

I’m excited … yea … I know I’m getting a wee bit old but I really like Avril’s stuff. There’s just something about her songs that I can’t quite place yet. Maybe it’s the simple lyrics but more likely it’s her talent for infectious hooks.

It doesn’t really matter though! I’m gonna be seeing Avril LIVE! Mua ha ha ha ha ha. And once the bookings for Diana Krall are available, it’s another thing to look forward to in October! 2008’s certainly been a roller-coaster ride of a year. It’s been emotional but on most fronts God really has been good. Sigh … I wish I could appreciate it more with someone but I gotta get that thought out of my head. Life is GOOD! Gotta remember that instead of just being so focused on what obviously isn’t meant to be yet.


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