Captain Stoneheart and The Truth Fairy

Captain Stoneheart and The Truth Fairy

Captain Stoneheart and The Truth Fairy

I feel just like a child again. A very good friend of mine picked up a copy for me while she was in Singapore as I couldn’t find it here in Malaysia. Ahh … Chris Bachalo’s artwork makes me very happy indeed. The best part about it all was that she gave it to me as a gift which was a very nice thing indeed. I guess that’s what makes the book special.

The hardcover comes with an audio CD and I’m listening to it now. The book and the CD are great companions. As I leaf through the pages and listen to the narration is a magical experience. I wish I was a child again sometimes; back when life was simple and girls were just girls. I had nary a care in the world except homework and gloomy Sunday evenings that meant Monday & school was coming.

The tale told in the book is a heart-warming one of a how a fairy turns a stone-hearted pirate captain from hardness to one of kindness. There’s adventure. Scary creatures. The stuff of bed-time stories. The tale of Captain Stoneheart does end sadly though … but all in all a magical experience indeed. Tales like this make me wish I was a parent and had a child to share this with. Heh … oh well, there is a time & place for everything no? Anyways, the book brought with it something that I thought I had lost … a piece of my childhood. *smiles*

Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)


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