The Force UNLEASHED! And Clone Wars TOO!

The Force Unleashed.

The Force Unleashed.

Star Wars. Sigh. There’s just something about Star Wars that always brings me back to my childhood. It’s one of the earliest movies I remember as a kid. I had some toys from the franchise when I was about 5 or 6. I remember this huge Boba Fett that I had (which has inexplicably gone missing) and a 6inch Luke Skywalker in Cloud City garb. Star Wars was the coolest and as a kid it was just a wonder to watch Jedi duels and space battles. I LOVE Star Wars and I guess I always will.

The Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars.

This year is going to be a gala year for Star Wars fans with the release of the upcoming Clone Wars animated feature that’s hitting the silver screen in a few weeks time. The Jedi are also making their presence felt in video games with Darth Vader & Yoda making guest appearances in Soulcalibur IV! And of course we’ve got The Force Unleashed making its way onto all major consoles this September. What’s exciting about The Force Unleashed is the fact that the storyline sits in between Episode III and Episode IV. Plus we are introduced the Vader’s secret apprentice! The games looks really awesome with lots of action utilising a physics engine and the Force! Good stuff. Lots of toys are out too … so keep an eye out for Clone Wars and The Force Unleashed merchandise at a toy store near you!

I never liked Darth Vader much until I was much older (weird I know) but I suppose I was the sort of kid who always rooted for the good guy instead of the bad guy. My first ever best bud (Marvin Yee) loved Darth Vader tho. But anyways … Darth Vader is a much more complex character and now that I’m an adult, the greys of life are a lot more apparent. Of course there is still black & white, right & wrong but so many things are different shades of grey. Life isn’t as clear cut as the movies and yet many a time we are called to draw the line somewhere. To make decisions. To choose. In a world that is as broken as ours, can we make good, right choices? Can we think of others and in some ways be like the Jedi? Selfless rather than selfish? More likely we strike a balance in between caring for ourselves and caring for others. A tenuous balance that can be easily broken.

It’s getting late … time to hit the sack. Till next time … May the Force be with You.


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