Being Aware …

I’m Chris and
I’m a Sailfish.

Ha ha! A really close friend of mine sent me this fun link that also happens to be an educational site about marine life preservation. And TA DA! I am a SAILFISH! Here’s what I learned about Sailfishes today!

“You are an athlete of the sea, swimming at speeds clocked at up to 68 mph. You are also recognized for jumping to incredible heights. You are known for your pointy bill and large sail, the dorsal fin that can stretch the entire length of your back. Your sail is often folded over to the side while swimming for aerodynamics, and is raised to look make you look twice your size when threatened or excited. Growing quickly, by age one you often reach 4 to 5 feet in length and can reach 10ft as an adult. You enjoy eating squid and small fish, and may use your fin to catch dinner by herding schools of small fish with your fellow sailfish.

But as a highly prized game fish your populations have declined from overfishing. Anglers are now encouraged to catch and release you. Typically you will only live between 4 to 5 years, as this is the average life expectancy of a sailfish.”

What are we doing to the world we live in? I’m not a big conservationist but I really do feel concerned that a lot of nature is being destroyed every day. I’m gonna do a little bit on my part to help protect our environment. I was at Jusco recently with my granny & aunt and it was a nice surprise when the person at the check out counter asked if we had our own tote bags for groceries. I was like … WOW … score one for Jusco. It’s great to be reminded to use less plastic bags. I’m gonna start making it a habit to carry my own bags for groceries and to not take plastic bags if I can afford it.

I’m also pretty excited that my PS3 is able to help out in cancer research. In case some of you don’t know, the PS3 has an app called Folding@Home that you can leave on when the machine is idle to run protein simulations that hopefully lead to a cure for cancer. I’ve lost extended family members from cancer and one of my aunts now is fighting it. The best part of it is that I usually download large files like demos, etc sometimes just so I can leave Folding @HOME running. He he … I’m glad that my expensive toy can do some good rather than just be a video game console.

Anyways, I’m gonna take a break today I guess. It’s been a gruelling week and I have quite a few things to do this weekend. I’ve got an XML file to populate for a site revamp, a information architecture design (i.e. sitemap) to do, a website to upload (for that freelance project that I committed to before I started work) and 3 scripts to write for trailers for our upcoming big production in church. Having said that I also have a lot of stuff that’s piling up for Four Forty Records. It’s crazy. That’s a lot of stuff to do and one day off would mean one less day to work but I’m human and a break would be very welcome.

I should at least upload the files for the freelance job and run through the site. Which reminds me … I have not done my quiet time yet! Better stop blogging and better start spending some time with God before I start off a beautiful Saturday.


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