Crazee, Crazee Life & Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins.

Baskin Robbins.

It’s been a crazy two months. I barely have time to breath and don’t get to spend much time at home. I start the day off with some quiet time and maybe a light breakfast before zipping off to the office and then my nights are filled with either church or cell stuff and the occasional badminton game with my colleagues. In between all that there’s also Four Forty Records stuff to boot. To top it all off there’s also the leftover freelance project that I took on before joining Uberfusion.

This week in particular has been crazy. We just launched a site (please refer to screencap above) for a client and Friday was just crazy. I was in the office with my team till 1am and by the time I got home and went over some more stuff on the site it was already 3am. Am really proud of the guys. They did such a great job even though so many things were last minute. Check out the site at!

Monica & her sidekicks!

Monica & her sidekicks!



Saturday was packed too cos’ I was totally zoned in the morning and was in a half-daze in the hall. I rushed to Children’s Church cos’ they needed a guitarist this weekend. We had practiced previously on Thursday so it was time for action! It was good fun tho … it was awesome seeing the kids worship God so actively. Adults could do with more energy.

I then attended Saturday Celebration and had dinner with Ling Yew, Nat & their family at Pizza Uno in Centrepoint. We lined up for Baskin Robbins after that; which was pure madness. 31percent off on the 31st of the month makes people go crazy at Baskin Robbins! It was kinda worth it though cos’ Rum&Raisin is to die for. Definitely.

Today was quieter. I spent all of it at home writing copy for the freelance project and sending materials out at the end of the day to the designer I’m working with and the client. Slept a lot too and played some GTAIV (I miss my PS3). I also watched Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade while writing copy in the hall on my 1 month old Macbook. My mom & dad are down so we went out for dinner just now with my brother. We had bak kut teh off Jalan Ipoh … very yummy but very ajinomoto-ey! Ha ha! The total bill came up to RM51! Hmmm … pork must be very ex these days!

And right now I’m capping the weekend off by writing a much needed entry right here on Multiply. It’s been a good two months. Hectic but good! This weekend has been good … today has been good cos’ I got to rest and recuperate at home. It kinda sucks that I had to write copy but I suppose that’s life la!

Till my next post, take care out there!


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