Dare We Make a Difference?

What are we but human beings? What are but just people who want a life for ourselves? Self-centred that’s what we are … it’s something that has been bothering me a lot even as I struggle with myself. This is the question that I find myself asking; “Are we so caught up with ourselves that we fail to look at the world around us?”

Blood Diamond.

Blood Diamond.

I just finished watching Blood Diamond a few minutes ago. Seeing the reality of what we are capable of in a movie punches the message through more than reading about it or hearing about it can. It’s rare to see a film that does in an age when all audiences are interested in is being entertained. Blood Diamond is a powerful movie but more importantly it talks about our man’s struggle with self. As much as it is a movie about conflict diamonds it is also a movie that deals with humanity. DiCaprio’s character depicts what I believe to be a problem that we all have. The problem of “self”.

We can do more in life. I refuse to believe that we are all just supposed to raise a family, earn a living and end up returning to whence we came. We are all able to do so much more. To care so much. To love so much more. To make a difference in this twisted, messed up world.

This is the hard question that I ask myself even as I make my way through this world. As much as I want to be with someone who’ll love me back, to one day have a family that I can provide for and to make a difference in this world; I find myself lapsing into myself where there’s nothing but me in it. I am glad that I have walked the path I have walked so far. And I am thankful for the opportunity and the place where I’m at; that through what I do with my small record label and through my own life least I’m able to touch some lives. It’s the least I can do after all God has given me.

If you’re reading this. I hope you too can do something … that you can act to make a difference. Join me. I am doing a small part and you can too. Let’s do something together.


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