Something’s Got Me Started

It’s been a crazy, crazy few weeks. Lots has been happening. Yesterday marked my one month of starting work and I’ve barely had time to breath in between Passover celebrations, cell group, freelance work, Four Forty Records, movies, catching up and work of course!

I’m thankful. God’s really been good but I have slipped up here and there cos’ in my tiredness there are times when I’ve not been able to think too straight plus there’s been some emotional lows because of the stress. On the whole it’s been great. I love my work. I love the people I work with. It has been a blast and will continue to be a blast.

My new workplace.

My new workplace.

So far I’ve been already thrown into a pitch. Met up with some clients over at DiGi in their HQ (beautiful offices by the way). And been slowly given more and more work & responsibilities. I’m no spring chicken I know but it has been quite a push adjusting to working full-time again. I’ve been out of action for the past 3 to 4 years.

For those of you who are wondering what’s up with Four Forty Records … well it’s still going on. I’m still running it together with Ju but I have to do it on the side and in my spare time. There’s just so much going on now. Liang’s album “After 8” just picked up two awards last night at the AIM 2008 rehearsals. And here’s hoping for a win tonight in the Best Local English Album category. I’ll be attending the event together with them. Am looking forward to it cos’ I thoroughly enjoyed the performances last year, especially M. Nasir’s dance bit & an awesome showing by Indonesian band Samsons.

Passover remembrance.

Passover remembrance.

I thank God for everything. And the passover meal I participated in really spoke to me a lot about how God’s goodness always comes when we least expect it. It’s been a rough few years but I’m glad that He’s starting to answer my prayers. Has it been worth the wait? Hmmm … I believe it has! Here’s to more goodness … much more than I can ever imagine or dream of.


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