Fight Back to Work

Work work.

Work work.

It’s been a long but fruitful week of adjusting to work at UberFusion. It’s great having structure now in my life. And it is such a blessing to have a stable source of income that is more than sufficient for life in the big city. More than that is the fact that I feel very at home in my new place of work. It feels as if I’ve been there all my life and I really do thank God for this job and also for my colleagues whom I clicked with almost instantly (um … of course it helps that I’m talker also la).

Having said all that I do know that the late hours will come but I hope that my workload will be manageable so that I can continue to do all that is needful for Four Forty Records after office hours. For the next 2 months at least I know that I’ll have to concentrate on adjusting to working full-time again. I’ll write more about the job once I’m settled in.

My point to all this is that I didn’t know how much I needed structure in my life till circumstances forced me into a flexible work role. I left my first job to figure out what I wanted to do in life and it’s ironic that I’m back at job that’s very much like what I did at Arachnid. I have figured out that music is something that is a part of me so it’s great that I get to build Four Forty Records up still. The challenge is having to work a full-time job at the same time.

I guess what I wanna say is that we all need structure in life and work provides a framework to build upon. I do hope that the time will come when I can go back to running Four Forty Records full-time but for now this is what needs to be done. For my good and for the good of the label.

Wish me luck and I’d appreciate your prayers.



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