Back to WORK!

Getting back to work.

Getting back to work.

“Welcome back to the jungle” That’s what’s running through my mind this morning. After having been out on my own with Oops! Asia & Four Forty Records it’ll be strange and a BIG BIG adjustment to going back to working for someone.

Juwita & I have been mulling over the finances of Four Forty Records and how to alleviate the financial strain on our “baby”. Being a young start-up we’ve gone far but the industry is a difficult one. On a personal note it’s been a struggle to manage with the small salary that Juwita & I decided on but God has been good and I survived 2007 intact. It’s been a year of sacrfices and now that I’ve tried things out full-time for a year I realise that the reality is that there is still a need for us personally to have day jobs while we continue to grow the business.

The music industry is an exciting one but with world-wide shrinkage on music sales it is a challenging one. The English market is a niche one in Malaysia and in a country of 26 million people the numbers are really small. After much deliberation & prayer PLUS numerous discussions with my mentor Ps Mike I made active effort to look for part-time work at the start of 2008 so here I am at the start of something new.

Everything happened so fast. I called my new employers a few times to follow-up on the job opportunity for almost a month plus and finally got called in for an interview this week. Met up with one of the directors on Tuesday and arrangements were made for a 2nd meet-up with the team I’d be working with. I met them yesterday over lunch and in the evening I was told that my appointment letter would be drafted out and I’d be picking it up today. I’ll be starting April 1st!

It’s gonna be a challenge to continue with Four Forty Records on the side and for the first few months I’ll have to concentrate on my new job to adjust to the work culture. It’s both exciting and scary at the same time. It’ll be a BIG change and after 3 years of managing my own schedule and being so flexible, structure is something that is most welcome now. And with all the experiences I’ve had in the past few years I know that I’m a much more valuable person to have in the workplace compared to before. It’s been a tough 3 years and hopefully the next 3 would be easier.

Till next time! Wish me luck! Lots of prayer would be great too!


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