Blog Clean-up And Easter Sunday Happenings

Mua ha ha ha ha! I spent the past 1 or 2 hours cleaning up all the posts on my Multiply account and tagging everything more cleanly. Everything’s spick & span now. As you can see from the tags on the homepage; the blog’s gonna be more streamlined now for easy access to topics of interest. A blessed Easter to everyone of the Christian faith as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus today.

It’s been a long day today, I got up at 5am to go help out at DUMC’s Easter Sunrise Celebration. Didn’t do much there but help arrange some chairs and directed traffic a little. We had a good turnout today and it was nice to be at a sunrise service that is so very Methodist. I didn’t realise how much I missed Easter sunrise services until today.

When we were done I spent the better part of the morning with my best bud J-son at a cyber-cafe! Ha ha! I know it’s Easter but since I had time to kill till my 2pm lunch appointment I just hung out with him. It was nice to just hang back and chat while playing video games. J-son was playing Dawn of War: Winter Assault while I played Hellgate: London. The cool thing about cyber-cafes these days is that you can actually save your games states with this nifty piece of software. Very cool … maybe I’ll go back again to TBun in Aman Suria to continue from where I left off. Hellgate: London was pretty fun cos’ it reminded me of my Diablo II obsession back in 2001 or was it 2002?

I’m looking forward to catching 27 Dresses in the next two weeks or so. Katherine Heigl is such a bombshell and I am SO up for a romantic comedy. I’m not a fan of Grey’s Anatomy and the first time I saw her was in Knocked Up which surprisingly I kinda enjoyed. Anyone up for 27 Dresses? I’ll go get the tickets!

Till next time … Cheers!


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