The BIG Three OH

Ha ha! I can’t believe I’ve been sitting down here all afternoon just watching Kyle XY after getting back from Bentong after voting. It’s my birthday today and yes I turn 30 today. I celebrated it some last night with my parents and we had dinner which was really nice.

Today is quiet; nothing special but I will be having friends over to just kick back and play video games. Um … that and getting some dinner as well. The video games don’t matter and just having people that have been friends and there for me around on my birthday. That’s what matters the most and for once I don’t care that I’m single; I’m contented having good friends around even though it’s gonna be something juvenile as video games. It’s gonna be a good day. It already is.

Thanks everyone for all your birthday wishes! Every SMS and call has been great. Cheers and have a great day ya’ll!


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