Doorway to Awareness.

Doorway to Awareness.

I was at an AIDS awareness campaign today organised by World Vision called One Life Revolution that was very unique. It’s different in sense that it doesn’t just talk about symptoms or how you get AIDS but it’s a sort of sensory experience that walks you through the life of a victim. Pretty powerful stuff. The One Life Revolution experience is on from today till 8th March in Monash University before it moves on to Midvalley. For more about the whole thing check out the official site here.

And for all you Juwita fans out there here’s Ju showing her support for the campaign at the front entrance.

Ju giving her "thumb-print" of approval.

Ju giving her "thumb-print" of approval.

Go check it out cos’ it’s an eye-opening experience. It was especially special for me because I walked through the life of a Cambodian girl as I went through the exhibits. Having been to Cambodia three times in the past two years the whole thing really struck my heart. There was a point when I actually teared a little. Again I’m reminded how easy it is for us to forget the suffering of others when faced with our own urban challenges.

One Life, One Revolution. Check it out ya’ll!


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