The Top 5 Thank List (5th Mar 08)

Here’s this week’s Top 5 Thank List:

  1. Thank God for all the strength that I had to do all that had to be done for my best friend’s wedding on the 1st of March. It was an awesome wedding and I had loads of fun despite all the things that I helped manage that day. The dance & the speech was super fun … thank God we looked cool during the opening dance during the dinner even though we couldn’t make out the music at all!
  2. Thank God for Nic my fellow best man … for being such a support too! And to my MAG members who were sporting and made the Cip San Leong & wedding dinner an absolute blast.
  3. Thank God for the gorgeous bridesmaids Tans & Keongs! You guys totally rock and the same goes for all the chee muis for J-son & Esther’s wedding.
  4. Thank God for Paul’s wedding! It was a beautiful ceremony even though I was super tired & zombied.
  5. Thank God for being able to start on work after resting some yesterday. It’s been a productive day today!

And guess what?! I’ve just been asked to be best man at another wedding happening in April! What an honour. I hope I can do as good a job as I did for J’s wedding. Ha ha … more speeches! What fun!


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