The SWITCHFOOT Experience

That blur right there is Mr Jon Foreman ... of Switchfoot!

That blur right there is Mr Jon Foreman ... of Switchfoot!

The Switchfoot concert that just ended an hour ago was an awesome one. The band had a full sound and their keyboardist Jerome added a lot to the music. I never thought much of keyboards but now that I’m older I see the error of my ways. Ha ha!

In case you guys don’t know (I didn’t at first), Switchfoot is made up of (drum roll please) …

  • Jon Foreman on vocals & guitars (plus he writes the songs)
  • Tim Foreman on bass & backing vocals
  • Jerome Fontamillas on guitar, keys & backing vocals
  • Drew Shirley on guitars
  • Chad Butler on the drums

I loved the songs. It’s so refreshing to hear songs about change and these things resonate in my soul. I guess that’s why I do it. That’s why I’ve given up living a normal every day life to try to build something in music. Nights like these remind me that it’s all worth while and God knows I need reminder frequently so that I don’t give up.

It’s kinda tough though when I find myself doing daily mundane stuff like accounts but there are days when it’s exciting … to be at a radio station, a press conference or a gig itself. What I love most is the music and I should take a listen to what my label mates have done so far more often to force myself to remember that I do believe in their music … each one of them; Juwita, Altered Frequency & Liang! The challenges of the market get to me sometimes but looking at Switchfoot … well, the dream burns in me still and I hope that we make it somewhere further in time to come. It’d be so awesome to tour the country and the region … and hopefully one day someplace far away like the States.

I had a great time at Switchfoot. Met quite a few industry contacts (Shaz … this one’s for you! Radio mention of the blog would be really nice! Ha ha!) which was great. I loved the music. I loved the awesome, awesome sound that was just so big & full. The band sang so much for us and you could hear the conviction in Jon’s lyrics. Most of all I loved the fact that I got to hear one of the best & most refreshing bands to come out of the US of A in recent years LIVE!

For more on Switchfoot check out their official site here and more pix from the concert here. I must run out and get a copy of all their albums tomorrow (what an impulse to have?!). Till then adios amigos!


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