Switchfoot Live in KL!!!

It really is an exciting time to be in Four Forty Records. A whole bunch of things are happening this year, and in a sense we start off with a bang cos’ Altered Frequency the rockers in our family will be opening in a couple of hours for Switchfoot!!!

The boys were asked to attend a press conference over at Sri Pentas and I came along to make contacts and at the same time see what I could do to help them. There wasn’t much to be done because they were just expected to take part in the group shots. It was pretty cool and I befriended Andy (one of the guys traveling with Switchfoot) and talked to him a bit. He videos the band’s activities and makes PODCASTS!!! Pretty cool! It’s something to think about but there’s just so much to do at Four Forty that really sometimes I just get so overwhelmed that I don’t know where to start. Even with all my web expertise and experience we don’t even have a proper website. That totally sucks. Sigh …

Anyways, enjoy the pix below I took at the press con. Here’s one of Switchfoot as they just settled down in front of all the reporters. The guys were rushed to Sri Pentas without even having gotten a bite to eat after touching down at KLIA. But that’s what life on tour is like …



And here’s a group shoot of Andy, Agnel & Daniel together with the band their opening for. The guys in Switchfoot are really chilled out and it was a very enjoyable press conference. It was good to hear them talk about their music in such a positive manner and really digging the fact that their music makes a difference in the lives of their listeners PLUS to hear about the different causes that they support in the States. One day … I hope we can be like that while at the same time not having to struggle as much as we do now in our start-up period.

AF & Switchfoot (duh!)

AF & Switchfoot (duh!)

Anyways. the concert starts 18-and-a-half hours from now and I am pretty excited about it. I don’t know all of their songs but I certainly will enjoy it. Tickets are going for RM140++ at the entrance so if you haven’t gotten your tix yet tomorrow’s still very much a go for all you last minute music goers. I got mine already and saved RM20 but no sense rubbing it in. Switchfoot is gonna be a once-a-lifetime experience and so far I think I’ve really been blessed with so much good music over the past 3 years (and also a lot of pain but then again that’s past right?).

Here’s to Switchfoot. And here’s to good music compadres!


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