Hap … hap … Happy Birthday Raz!

Happy birthday Raz!

Happy birthday Raz!

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to my friend Razlin (check out her Multiply page here).

Raz, is a good friend and it’s great that not all my friends are Chinese. It’s kinda uncool that most of the time most Malaysians hang out mostly with our own ethnic groups rather than having a mixed group of friends.

Razlin is one of the prettiest, sweetest and gentlest persons I know. She’s got a great zest for the outdoors and life. I think what I like best about her is her laidback attitude, she knows how to take a step back and enjoy life instead of being caught up in the endless pursuit of things. She’s on of the few people from my days in UM that I do catch up with. Unfortunately we don’t catch up as often as we should even though we do enjoy each other’s company.

Raz, I am so happy for you that you’re doing so great after going through so much over the past 2 years especially. Here’s wishing you an excellent year this year. Yeah, yeah I know we both hit a milestone in terms of age this year but I pray that all the wisdom that you need will be granted you by God. And here’s to living life more fully and to enjoy all that He has given us ya? So much blessings to you Raz and don’t forget that I owe you a birthday treat like I said over SMS last week.

Thanks for being a good friend and for listening & identifying with me when my heart was in such a bad shape. Have a great time with all your friends and loved ones today. I know you’ve got a packed birthday schedule.

God bless you on this your special day & beyond of course!


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