Living Below One’s Means

Money, money, money.

Money, money, money.

Money. Don’t we all just love money? I for one know that I do love it to an extent. Money affords us a lot of things but today I learnt that money is meant to build up our families (especially when you’re the head of one) and also to build up others.

Not that it’s wrong to buy nice things for ourselves but if that’s all is we’re doing with our money then I guess perhaps there’s an imbalance there. In my last post I was mentioning some of the things I wanted to get for myself this year and today I realised that I’ve just been thinking about self, self, self! *gack*

I’ll be bold and make this statement: we tend to be selfish when it comes to money and lately I’ve been very much less generous compared to before. To a certain extent I’m guilty of trying to keep up with the lifestyles of my friends and I’ve grown more accustomed to more upmarket things. My choice of eateries especially can be very extravagant. It’s gonna take some time to really learn how to stick to a monthly budget but I guess now’s a good a time as any to start.

The challenge would be to live below my means I guess. That means living life and putting aside a whole lot more that would allow me to invest into other people’s lives and also to save for the future. Right now I know that I really don’t make a whole lot due to the nature of Four Forty Records being new and all but I know that it is do-able to live in a more simple manner. It’s just gonna take time to adjust to things. Since I started driving my monthly expenditure has gone up tremendously and I realise now that my riding a bike all these years really allowed me to enjoy life a whole lot more, hence why I’ve gotten so accustomed to spending so much on myself and on food!

Gosh! I’ve been telling myself to draft up a proper monthly schedule for myself so I can measure how much time I spend on myself, on work, on church and on catching up with other people but I STILL HAVEN’T done it! Procrastination is such a terrible thing. That’s my challenge for this year really … to order my life while living room in it for a lot of spontaneity. Order is good. And I know that I need to balance it just right cos’ I’m very much a creature of spontaneity. Some people really get annoyed with me for that cos’ I can just up and go for a movie and be perfectly satisfied with even front row seats. But that’s what exactly allows me to be spontaneous cos’ I don’t fret over getting the best all the time. More so when it’s an impulse thing.

Lotsa food for thought in this post. Stay tuned for more!

P.S. If you’re interested to find out more about what I mean about money drop me a line and I’ll gladly start a discourse with you OR just comment on Multiply and let’s start a running thread for everyone to chip in.


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