Crazee, Crazee 2008

Agnel & Andy of Altered Frequency.

Agnel & Andy of Altered Frequency.

It’s been a crazy few weeks and January is already half-way through. I’ve been super busy juggling freelance work while at the same thing doing my utmost to make things work for Four Forty Records. 3 major things are happening right now … getting more publicity for Liang, Juwita’s upcoming participation in a major singing competition and Altered Frequency opening for Switchfoot. There’s just so much to do and at the same time I’ve been figuring out whether or not I should take up a part-time position to bring some order into my work-life. Things are looking up this year but I’ve not been handling the stress that well and there are days when I just feel so drained. Gosh! Is this what it’s gonna be like for the whole of this year?!

That’s a pic of Andy & Agnel of Altered Frequency doing a promo over at FlyFM last Monday. I really had to rush things out for this and all lot of things happened all of a sudden. The band will be featured on FlyFM’s Campur Chart this Sunday so do tune in from 7pm – 8pm to catch the debut of their brand new single ‘Beyond Now’. Vote for the band if you like the song at the official FlyFM site by clicking on this link.

That’s all from me folks! I hope I can find more time to sit down and write like this. It has been awhile. It’d be good to hear from some of you so do drop my a line to let me know that this blog is being read.



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