End-Year 07 Movie Mania

I’ve been going crazy on movies for a bit over the end year season and I haven’t had time to write about any of em’ due to a busy schedule with Children’s Church in DUMC. The kids did an awesome job with the play and 13 of em’ even appeared on the 8TV Quickie Christmas eve special. I’ve got some pix but my iBook sorta gave problems and now I don’t have iPhoto anymore. Bummer. Anyways here are my quick thoughts on the 7 movies I caught as 2007 drew to a close.

The Golden Compass
It’s a little draggy and after a run of good movies I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t read the novels and again it’s one of those movies like Harry Potter that sorta lead you into next one. It had cool polar bear warriors though and I thought Nicole Kidmas was beautiful (as usual) although her character was a little psycho. (2 Stars)

The Heartbreak Kid
Dumb stuff but there were sweet moments too. The movie wasn’t terribly funny but it wasn’t terribly bad either. Michelle Monaghan’s sweet but I found Ben Stiller’s character a little wishy-washy cos’ for all he felt for her he still ended up messing up even at the end of the movie. (2 Stars)

I Am Legend
Will Smith was strong in this one. Loved his acting and the plot was somewhat interesting although in the end I don’t think it was as good as the original pulp novel it was based on. I Wiki-ed it and found out about the book and the plot which was brilliant. The movie didn’t use much of what the book was about I think – except for the basic premise of Will Smith being the last man on earth and the vampire-like creatures. (3 Stars)

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
I loved this one. Nicolas Cage is one of my favourite actors. National Treasure is like a modern-take on the whole adventure genre (much like Indiana Jones). I loved the way the writers take urban legends and other modern myths; spinning it all into one delightful story. (5 Stars)

Alvin & The Chipmunks
A fun watch but I think that’s cos’ I went with 2 kids from Children’s Church. Sorta had to mind them for a bit while the parents went Christmas shopping. But that wasn’t the main reason-lah … since my involvement with Children’s Church it’s nice being in the company of kids. The movie was cute on the whole and I quite liked it. Definitely a better watch compared to The Golden Compass & The Heartbreak Kid. (3 Stars)

Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem
Gory. Bloody. That’s all I can say. I liked it a lot more than the first movie. And the Predator is a much stronger one in this one. The idea of a roving Queen-like Pred Alien’s pretty cool though. Freaky. (3 Stars)

A Kiera Knightley flick. I went with my ex-cellie Daphne & her cell member Michelle. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a bit of a depressing movie but the plot was really good and it just demonstrated how life can be sometimes and how things can’t be fixed. We suffer the consequences of our actions. A moving & thought-provoking movie. (5 Stars)

2008’s here! And there’s just so much to sort out in my life. Happy New Year everyone. Hoepfully I can post a bit more instead of being so sucked into working out personal issues and vegetating on my PS3. Cheers!


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