Never After

Happy ever after?

Happy ever after?

I came out of Enchanted today wishing that love was as simple as the silver screen makes it out to be. All of us want to love and want to be loved but as time goes by we develop lists and other things to complicate things. Sigh … Shouldn’t love be about caring for that other person and wanting to be the best person you can be for him or her? Shouldn’t it be about looking into that person and finding the best qualities in that person and believing that in time the person can grow to be something so much more beautiful?

I hate reality in some ways. It’s harsh. It’s complicated. And it’s ugly. I hate being here because it’s so imperfect here.We all judge each other so much and it’s so easy to not like someone because of how they look or how they are. I used to think I was an OK guy and I could get a long with everybody but increasingly I find that isn’t true. As much as I want to be able to accept everybody I realise that some personality types and some traits just don’t agree with me. Is there really a happy ending out there for us? Is there a happy ending for me?

Things seldom work out the way we want to and I guess we just have to accept that as part of life. Maybe part of being happy is being content. Although there are things that I want very much to happen in my life but I’m learning to take all that I have now and to enjoy it. That means enjoying the freedom that I have in being single rather than seeing it as a curse. I do have freedom now but there’s a price to be paid for freedom. This isn’t a perfect world after all hence why there will never ever be a happy ever after here on Earth hence the title of my post.


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