Hectic-ity, Guitar Hero II & Relationships?

It’s been a pretty hectic few weeks and almost all of us were busy helping out Jac & Shawn on their big day. It was a beautiful wedding and even though all of us were so busy it was a joyous event. I must say that even though I was helping out a lot I felt super loved by my cell members. It was an honour really to be given a seat at the main table and I felt that my life does make a difference in the lives of others. I do so want to get out of this emotional rut I’m in and once again God reminded me that I have so much to live for. Check out what few pix I took at the wedding here.

We did a whole bunch of things for the wedding and it really was a blessing to be able to be there for the couple. We even managed to squeeze in a small photo slideshow with 2 days worth of effort. While we were at it Nataly & Ling Yew managed to give Guitar Hero II a whirl in between our slideshow creation. Check out these pix of Ling Yew getting a few notes off on the guitar controller!

Plus my TV has been fixed! Hooray!

A whole bunch of us also celebrated my best friend J-son’s birthday with an awesome awesome BBQ. It’s a good thing those of us who got dunked in the pool didn’t fall sick. I didn’t bring a change of clothes and so ended up driving home quite wet … ha ha! Thank God air-conditioning in cars can be switched off!

I’ve been wondering some though … how does one bridge the gap between being friends and something more? My greatest fear is that things get messed up and the friendship doesn’t remain the same. There is someone I’ve known for a few years now and I have always been very attracted but I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m not the kind of guy she’s looking for. We’re comfortable around each other though but for some reason (I guess due to my own insecurity also & lack of confidence) … I think we’ve just not bothered giving each other a chance. It’d be nice to give things a try and find out more in a healthy way. I honestly don’t know how to figure relationships out anymore and after my last painful experience I am so afraid of being hurt deeply again. It is scary no? Especially when you’ve known that person for quite a long time already. Any thoughts on this anyone?


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