Quik Customer Service

I’m writing with some glowing praise for customer service that I’ve gotten recently right here in Malaysia. I gave Panasonic a call last week about my TV which was on the blink and guess what? They responded almost immediately and just this week on Monday, the technician dropped by and made off with the innards of my 29-inch Tau Giga TV.

Imagine my suprise this morning when Panasonic gives me a call again to tell me that they’ve fixed the problem! Oowah! Awesome no? Unfortunately for fixing the problem they are charging me:

  • RM80 – Service fee
  • RM62 – For the component
  • RM25 – Delivery charges

All in all the repairs on my TV is gonna cost a whopping RM167. Crappola! That’s a lot of money!!! Sigh … I wish I could earn more money. Anyone got any freelance copywriting jobs out there? I’ve won a few Kancils you know? Hire me … please? Anyways, Panasonic has really been very good to me … even when I had problems with my DECT phone. Kudos to Panasonic’s Customer Support department!

Another glowing report about customer service here in Malaysia involves Maxis. About a month or so ago I also made service complaint to Maxis and imagine my surprise when they actually sent someone to check out the reception in my apartment. The tech guy was in my apartment for a good 30 minutes before leaving with all the data he collected. I still haven’t heard from Maxis yet so I guess it’s time to make another call to them.

The one thing I’ve learnt in the past few months is this … quit complaining about things to people who can’t make a difference. If you have an issue with something bring it UP! My friend Paul Gan told me this … if you don’t inform Maxis or whomever about your problems they won’t know. And if they don’t know how can they fix it? So my advice to all of you out there is to VOICE OUT and don’t just RANT OUT!

On another note my dad’s old bike got stolen in Bentong last night! Sigh … thieves really are desperate these days. I hope the police can locate it. A moment of silence please to my dad’s faithful bike … it really was a workhorse bike! It’s gone everywhere … well almost everywhere in the Klang Valley PLUS it’s even travelled from Bentong to KL & back. I remember riding with my dad all the way from KL to Bentong on that trusty steel horse! If the police can’t find it I will miss it so.

Till next time!


One thought on “Quik Customer Service

  1. oh no! not your dad’s trusty bike with the red GiVi container thingamajig!

    btw i’ve moved my blog. just thought i’d let you know (=

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