Remember, Remember the 11th of September

I woke up this morning and again battled through my hurt but it was a bit different today as I read Our Daily Bread. It’s September 11th today and it just seems like so long ago that the World Trade Center was taken out in New York in 2001. Has it really been six years? I remember watching the events on TV back at my first job in Arachnid and it seemed like a waking nightmare. The world has in a lot of ways moved on but in my own pain it seemed as if God was prompting me to pray; to pray for comfort for all those who lost someone in the attacks. And so I did just that.

Sept 11.

Sept 11.

For the rest of us, these events seem so far away but it’s very real. Pain & suffering is real. The question is; are we doing anything to reach out to touch lives? I find myself being so self-centred at times and it is a struggle to care for others when I’m hurting too. I do the best I can and I guess I still believe very much that this world would be a much better place if we all just looked beyond ourselves and cared for others.

Let’s spend a minute in silence for those who lost their lives today. For the victims & for the rescue workers. And for the families who miss someone that was taken from them. I pray for God’s comfort on you.

On another note, I was surfing through Apple Trailers today and lo & behold the Iron Man movie has a trailer out! The closing bits brought out the fan boy in me but somehow the trailer didn’t do that great a job in exciting me at the start. Whatever it is I’ll still catch it when it releases next year especially since Iron Man is playing such a crucial role in Marvel’s comic books since Civil War last year.

Iron Man.

Iron Man.

Check out the trailer here. That’s all from me today.

Cheers & spend a bit of time today thinking about what you can do to make a difference in someone’s life.


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