Travel Fever 2007

The past few months have been filled with lotsa traveling. I feel really blessed to be able to go to so many different places and to be able to enjoy myself without pining for someone all the time. I thank God so much for how He’s been working in my heart but there’s still a long way to go to recover after all the hurt that’s been inflicted upon me.

Anyways … just thinking about the places I’ve been to in the past few months amazes me lots. Here’s a list of places that I’ve hit since the start of 2007! I’ll try to put it in chronological order as best I can.

  • Ipoh
  • Singapore (3 times already so far, once for Phantom of the Opera, once for our Esplanade gig & last month for Eagles Leadership Conference)
  • Port Dickson
  • Cambodia
  • Malacca

And in a few days time I’ll be off to Bandung, Indonesia! Yippee! This will be my first time in Indonesia and I am most looking forward to it! I’ll get to see a real live volcano!

It’s been a tiring August filled with travelling plus I’ve been consolidating stuff for our label Four Forty Records. At the same time I’m working through a lot of my personal issues with Ps Mike & my buddy J-son. There’s just so much to do and at times I wonder how God’s gonna fix up the mess in my heart. I memorised Romans 12:12 and have been repeating it to myself daily to help me get through the times when I struggle with hopelessness & the pain that revisits me time & time again. The verse gives me strength and I’m thankful that I have God’s Word to hide in my heart.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction & faithful in prayer.”

Depressing thoughts aside … I had a very memorable weekend hitting Malacca and hanging out a bit with some local celebrities during a shoot with NTV7 on Sunday. Anuar Zain is such a cool guy and it was easy chatting with him while we were eating lunch and waiting for rehearsals to start. I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable and it made me realise that celebrities are just people like you and me. 😉

I got to meet Sheila Majid again (last time I met her was at the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 launch) and she’s very, very nice. I am truly privileged to be a part of the music industry and in some ways I still can’t believe I get to meet the very people I used to watch on TV or listen to on the radio. At the same time I’m finding a new faith & belief in Malaysian singers & musicians. I feel ashamed to have not paid more attention because we have such wonderful talent right here in our own backyard … I wish our radio stations would do more to give room for the English scene to grow. We’re missing out on a lot of good music in favour of all the Akons, Gwens & Avrils! We really should give local music a shot cos’ there are real gems there!!!

Cheers & do remember to check out Juwita & the other local artistes I met on TV this Merdeka! Tune in to NTV7 at 8:30pm on the 31st of August to catch the Nite of Soulful Stars Merdeka Special!

That’s enough from me today-lah. Click on the pix below to check out some of the shots I took over last weekend & share a bit of my life in the Malaysian music scene.

Ju @ last weekend's Salvation Army Fund Raiser.

Ju @ last weekend's Salvation Army Fund Raiser.

DiGi CelebriTeen Semi-Finals, Malacca.

DiGi CelebriTeen Semi-Finals, Malacca.

Ju, Anuar Zain, Kathy Ibrahim, Datuk Shake & Sheila Majid.

Ju, Anuar Zain, Kathy Ibrahim, Datuk Shake & Sheila Majid.


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