Multiplication & the Start of Something New

We just had our multiplication party last night and the Salt Shakers are officially retired. Two new cells now exist in its stead:

  • The Faith Healers led by my buddy J-son
J-son getting his feet washed by Choon Ean.

J-son getting his feet washed by Choon Ean.

  • The Star Blazers led by Daphne
It's Daphne's turn now.

It's Daphne's turn now.

It was a wonderful evening filled with food, chatter & laughter. We had a great encounter with God in worship and it was a humbling experience to have our feet washed by our leaders. It is a true mark of Christian leadership that we are servants first rather than the head of anything.

New pathways & adventure awaits both cells and I can’t wait to see where it’ll all lead to. I’ve just set up a new Multiply account for the new cell and hopefully I’ll be able to manage both accounts (mine & the Faith Healers) properly. My idea is that we do it together at cell to share a bit of our lives to everyone we come in contact with. I think it’d be a wonderful way to connect to people. Won’t you come join us on this ride?

Check out the brand new Faith Healers Multiply site at for more pix of our multiplication and also to keep updated on our going-ons & activities!



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