DiGi CelebriTeens 07!

It’s pretty cool that DiGI really does all kinds of stuff to really connect with their consumers. I think the whole DiGi CelebriTeen thing is such a wonderful idea. Maxis?! What the heck are you guys doing? Just having a dumb tagline like No 1 and most number of subscribers in Malaysia ain’t gonna cut it. There’s practically no value-add to using Maxis’ services. I’m seriously thinking of moving to DiGi next year once number portability hits. Why bring up DiGi now? Well cos’ I’m playing a small part in this year’s CelebriTeen contest!

 Ju & this year's semi-finalists.

Ju & this year's semi-finalists.

DiGi offers so much more to consumers. For eg. I was at Good Charlotte just a few months ago because I got an invite from MTV Asia and I was so envious of the DiGi customers who got to go into better viewing areas. The thing that slightly irked me was … hey! I’m in the industry and here I am out here with the rest of the world? What gives? Oh! My point really is that DiGi really gives back to the consumer. When was the last time Maxis ever gave anything free to their consumers? No free concerts. No nothing. I have personally not gotten a single privilege from Maxis that made me feel like a valued consumer. All we get from Maxis is bills, bills, bills! What a sucky thing it is to be a Maxis subscriber.
On a more positive note, it’s always wonderful to see Ju work with talent. Some of the kids really had a good thing going. There was this one kid Ashraf who had such a cool rock tone to his voice. He’s this small sized dude but man … the rock tone was just amazing. He’s my personal favourite of the lot. Here’s a pic of him doing his Ramli Sarip thing! Coolness!

Up, up & away Super-Ashraf!

Up, up & away Super-Ashraf!

At any rate we’ll be seeing more of them at the Semi-Finals that’s coming up on the 18th of August at Mahkota Parada Malacca. If any of you happen to be there swing by. I’ll be there with Ju and she’ll be guest judging. As a treat she’ll also be performing some songs for all of ya. Check it out!

For more DiGi CelebriTeen goodness click here!


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