What an AWESOME Day

I had such an awesome day today. I mean it’s just such a joy to have had a good day and to have been pretty productive too.

I got up on the morning. Prepped the photos that I promised to make into prints for Yin Meng & the kids in Cambodia. Hit the gym, had a simple breakfast of 2 roti canais & some mutton curry then sent off a document to RIM (the recording industry association in Malaysia).

Then I finally got around to editing the recessional track for my cell member Jac’s wedding which is happening real soon in September. I got that done … sent out some work-related emails to follow-up getting distribution for Juwita’s album in SIngapore then I pushed off for Mutiara Damansara where I picked up some stuff for Yin Meng & also got the prints done. I’ll send all these items back with the August youth team from DUMC who’ll be flying to Cambodia on Monday.

The best part today was just having an epiphany of sorts. It’s been a struggle holding the fort at Four Forty Records and I believe God’s been preparing me a lot since I left my first job at Arachnid. I’m more prepared now to do this. To go the extra mile for Four Forty Records, I know that I must be prepared to make hard decisions and to even work extra hours. Right now the biggest challenge that we have is monetary and a small opportunity has opened up that might possibly allow for me to get a full-time position at my old ad agency Mantra. If that happens then it’ll solve my own personal finances while at the same time free up what little resources we have over at Four Forty to expend it on a proper accounts person to help us out part-time. If any of you are looking for a part-time accounts thing do feel free to drop me a line.

Anyways, I’ve been very wordy in this post. It has been a good day and it still hasn’t ended yet. I’ll be meeting up with my good friend Roland to catch up a bit over dinner & then it’s off to the movies. There’s nothing much on now so I’m relegated to watching DIsturbia which I hope will be good. That kid from Transformers is in it and he’s a decent actor. Of course I could be very much be influenced by some of the write-ups I’ve read about him.

That’s all from me today. Here’s to hopefully me returning to Mantra and also to have some of the flexibility I need to keep doing Four Forty Records and to grow it further.



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