Wii Fit – The Future of Video Gaming?

Good Lord! Nintendo has just announced a brand new video game that actually benefits our health! The game helps players build up their fitness and it’s called … *drum roll* … Wii Fit! I’ve been reading online previews on GameSpot & GameSpy plus caught some videos at Nintendo’s official site and it’s gotten me very excited about how beneficial it’ll be.

The game really looks awesome and would be good fun for the whole family. I’m definitely picking up a copy of the game when it comes out. It’d certainly make my daily work out a whole lot fun although I still would be hitting the gym for my 30-minute treadmill sessions. I don’t think this game would help me in getting my heart rate up! We still need our cardio workouts yeah?

KUDOS to Nintendo for making video games not just a mental exercise but a physical one as well. I must say that I do not regret picking up my Nintendo Wii. It’s been a good companion and has gotten me & my family together in some ways to do something fun & simple together!

Here are some pix I got off Nintendo’s website to give you guys some idea of what Wii Fit is gonna be like. I hope Nintendo doesn’t sue me for using these pix … I’m giving them free publicity-lah!

NINTENDO truly ROCKS! Check out the official site by clicking on the link below to catch a great video of how Wii Fit actually works.



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