New Video Games & So MUCH More

Wow … I’ve decided to finally do a bit more blogging this year especially in the wake of all the new things that have been happening in my life. PLUS not just a boatload but a shitload of video game updates.

It’s 8:26pm now. I’ve not had dinner and have been going at Puzzle Quest on my Nintendo DS for the past 2 hours or so I think. Last I remember it was 6:30pm and had just climbed a top my loft bed. I played & played till the battery on my DS died and so I’ve been forced out of my Puzzle Quest! Ha ha! I’m hungry now so I better go scrounge out some food. Looks like it’s gonna be good old “sambal-flavoured” Indomie! Yums! My absolute favourite.

Some gaming updates! My brother & I picked up a Nintendo Wii last month and it’s been good fun. We’ve even gotten our dad hooked on it; it’s mostly the tennis mini-game in Wii Sports though. I picked up a copy of Super Paper Mario too but haven’t dug my teeth into that game properly yet. The bundle came with Marvel Ultimate Alliance which was pretty OK and even though I wasn’t too impressed at first I found myself going back to it again & again for more mindless beat em’ up action.

I’ve also been picking up lots of original PS2 titles whenever I visit Singapore and am the proud owner of quite a few titles. I’m particularly pleased with Guitar Hero II which is super good fun. Since I play the guitar pretty OK, getting through the game is quite alright but am stuck on the Hard setting which requires a lot of dexterity. The Expert setting almost killed me and made me feel like I suck at guitar (I don’t in real life)! Ha ha!

On a more serious note, things are picking up for me. Being able to blog again is good since it must mean that I’m not feeling too depressed anymore. 2-and-a-half years of pining for one girl certainly takes its toll on a person. I’ve started a new music label with Juwita called Four Forty Records, I’ve been meeting many local celebrities in my work and my cell group in church is really growing. Things are picking up definitely and just recently I’ve decided to just forget her and move on with my life. It’s hard having to stop loving someone who has chosen to ignore all that’s good about you in favour of someone else whom you know doesn’t match up in so many ways to you but that’s just life. I honestly don’t know how I can be friends with her again but I guess I’ll just have to leave it to God to work that out. Right now it’s time to glue back all the pieces of my broken heart and to enjoy what God is blessing me with in the here and now.

I’ve gotten a Sony Ericsson K750i but Blogger doesn’t have that much space for pix. I’ll have to figure out how to get more space so I can put up pix of my room and also all the video game stuff that I’ve gotten in the past 2 years. In addition to that I’ve been to lots of places too! And also I wanna give everyone on the World Wide Web a glimpse into the always exciting & never dull moments of my life (it can get tedious but I must say that’s it’s always interesting!).

I’ll drop a post sometime tomorrow I guess. Time to look into how to get more webspace for pictures!



One thought on “New Video Games & So MUCH More

  1. still playing video games eh? haha. i can imagine your dad wielding the Wii and kickin some bad guy a**, must be quite a sight to behold.. haha.

    as for my blog… i dunno lah. i’ve run out of clever things to say… lol. you must be the first visitor to my blog in aaaages

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