Cheap XBOX!

I just got a call from my buhd over at Gamester Direct in 1U about a sweet deal for an under-played XBOX for just RM800! If I could afford it I’d probably get one but as it is I’ve already made my one brand new console purchase for the year already. Yes … I must admit now that I have gotten me a brand new NINTENDO DS and it’s still not even a month old. Anyway if anyone of you are interested in the XBOX just head on over to Gamester Direct in 1U and ask Eddie at the shop. Tell em’ you read about it on Chris Leow’s blog. The XBOX package contains the following:

  • 2 S-controllers (the smaller sized XBOX controllers not the clunky ones)
  • 2 original games (Halo 1 & Star Wars: Clone Wars)
  • 150 “other” games
  • The XBOX unit itself plus the cables (TV, power cable, etc)

I’m not too sure what colour it is though so if check it out if any of you out there are interested. It’s a pretty sweet deal I must say! Meanwhile I gotta get back to my DS … I’ve been playing with it a whole lot more than my GameCube or my PS2. The touch screen on that baby brings a unique flavour to gaming and I must say I’ve been having loads of fun playing Kirby: Canvas Curse and just recently acquired a copy of Meteos too which I have yet to spend much time on.

Long live NINTENDO!


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