Lazy Blogger

I realise that I am such a lazy blogger. I am not compelled at all to write on a daily basis. I think that’s because I keep a journal of my own which contain all my thoughts. Writing is therapeutic and I think my personal journal is one of the things that helps me get through life. It unravels the jumbled mess that’s in my mind and it’s sorta like talking to God too. I’ve been keeping a journal since 2003 I think and I’ve yet to go back and read all the stuff from before. It’s like I pen all these things down just to get it out of my system.

The BIGGEST news I have is my brand new iBook (well almost brand new cos’ I bought it 2nd hand from my Singaporean friend’s girlfriend). Macs are totally cool and OS X is a joy to use. It’s UNIX roots are something I have yet to explore fully though and the thought of writing time-saving AppleScripts sends a tingle down my spine. Looks like the programmer in me isn’t that dead after all.

I wish the iBook had a bigger hard-drive though cos’ I loaded it with MP3s and I pretty much filled the hard-drive already … BUMMEROO! White objects are so hard to keep clean and already the pristine white surface is getting dirty. Sigh … time to plonk more money down for some expensive cleaning solution. Will probably get some when I hit Singapore at the end of the month since all items TECH are cheap there. MacASIA is really ripping us off; this anti-static protector I saw which costs USD17.00 is being sold for RM99 bucks which is soooooo expensive. Man! Talk about a huge profit margin.

On another note, working in Oops! Asia is uber cool. The music industry is cool although it’s a real challenge to figure out how a small label like us can make a difference. Malaysians are a tough bunch; no one really supports local musicians and it’s at times like this that I dislike being one. I’m the same too and I guess it’s an ugly reflection of myself that I never really thought about. I don’t watch local movies and I don’t listen to local music. Funny how I’m now in a local music label. God certainly has a sense of humour. Don’t get me wrong though … I love what I’m doing now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Hmm … looks like I’m back to my old habit of rambling. Unfortunately it’s not about video games. Maybe I’ll write something about video games after this. Till then … ta!


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