It’s 12:35am and I am now sitting here at the computer listening to more Sting while I write this. 3 hours ago I was in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil watching Sting perform LIVE! I loved every minute of it even though I’m not too familiar with the songs off his latest album Sacred Love. It was an hour and a half of pure magic as the whole stadium listened to a mix of both old and new stuff. There were songs from his older solo efforts as well as crowd pleasers from his days with The Police.

My favourite last night was definitely “Every Breath You Take” which till today remains my all time favourite Sting track. Listening to songs like “Fields of Gold” and “Fragile” live was pure bliss. Dominic Miller, Sting’s guitarist was brilliant as he played his Sunburst Strat with such precision. His guitar work is so sublime and for some reason he’s one of my favourite guitar players because of his work with Mr Gordon Sumner.

I’m glad I could go; almost didn’t make it cos’ my friend Paul and I thought there would be Leaders Meeting in church tonight. Much to our surprise and slight chagrin we found out that there wasn’t gonna be any meeting. And so on Monday morning began our frantic calls to find out if there would still be tickets for Sting or not. By God’s grace there were tickets that fit our budget and so we made bookings yesterday for 2 tickets.

And so my journey to the concert began at 4:30pm as I took the LRT to Kerinchi to meet Paul so we could drop by Midvalley to pick up our tickets. We had dinner at Carrefour nearby before finally driving into Stadium Putra at 7:15pm for our date with Sting.

The song that most surprised me last night was “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You” and the duet he sang with one his backup singers for the rendition of “Whenever I Say Your Name”. I must say that it sounded a thousand times better than the studio version he sang with Mary J. Blige. Sting’s energy was amazing; being 53 years old and all. He is in my opinion one of the most defining musicians in our generation with his music that ranges all kinds of musical styles. His lyrics are pure poetry and well I truly consider him a musical genius! The band that played with him was awesome. The times when they broke into musical interludes was amazing. You could just feel the jazz in their souls as they jammed.

All in all I’m most glad I could go watch Sting; one of my all time favourite artistes in the universe. For that short moment in time I was truly STUNG! Now if only Dave Matthews would come down sometime. Heh heh!

Oh by the way check out Paul’s blog here to find out what he felt about Sting. Till next time … I leave you guys with these magical words … STING TRULY ROCKS!


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