The PSP, DS & RE4 Edge

I am so hyped over the newly released Resident Evil 4 for the Nintendo GameCube. The major online video game sites have had nothing but good things to say about it. The visuals, the gameplay and the exquisitely cinematic presentation just increases the anticipated arrival of my copy. My regular supplier unfortunately can only get it in on the 17th which fortunately isn’t that far away. I already have visions of crazed villagers being shot by Leon S. Kennedy dancing in front of my eyes. Man … I wish I had a bigger TV to contain all that graphical mayhem.

On another note, I’ve been splurging on video game magazines this week and bought 3 issues of Edge. It is by far the best gaming publication I have ever read. The articles are thought provoking and well written. It is THE publication to read if you want to get a grasp of REAL issues in the video game design community. Check it out at The layouts are nice and there’s a design sense to them that should intrigue some of you designers out there.

I’ve been drooling over the PSP and Nintendo DS. The graphics on the PSP is amazing. Crisp graphics on the largest screen I’ve ever seen on a portable. On the other hand the DS’ touch screen has tons of possibilities. It’s still too early to get one as the software lineup is still kinda poor. The sexy graphics on the PSP makes it very appealing but the battery life reportedly is horrible compared to the solid 10 hours you get out of the DS. Oh well … it’s not like I can afford either at the moment anyway.

So ends my token blog post to start the new year. Yeah yeah yeah … I know it’s already 13 days into the new year but this is my first blog post of 2005. I’m such a slacker.


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