These Are The Days

We’ve come to the final day of our Chinese serial-like production in church. 3 months of hard work are now coming to an end. As usual it feels like a part of my life would be over with the end of the play. In every single production I’ve been in I’ve faced all kinds of different struggles; some with self and some with fellow prodauction crew members. Suffice to say doing something we believe in always requires struggle and I guess that’s why I do the things I do.

I’ve been ploughing through games like crazy just to get my mind off things for the past 2 months or so at the expense of sleep. I’ve finished a massive amount of games since the Deepavali/Raya break. Conquered Star Ocean III, Metroid: Prime and last week I finshed Metal Gear Solid 3. I’ve just started on Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Pikmin 2 now. Nintendo makes the cutest games and gameplay-wise I’d definitely have to say that they unique. It can get tiring to play dark edgy games that border on the cinematic. After 2 and a half days of Metal Gear’s cinematic gameplay I’d say it is a nice change indeed to play a game that’s more like a game rather than a digital movie.

It’s already 4:45pm now and I’ll write more about this tomorrow maybe.



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