What Gaming Can Teach You About Life

When I was younger, I used to be a very cautious gamer. I saved my progress frequently every step of the way in any one of my digital adventures. Moving ever slowly but surely towards the end-game. That was the old me.

In recent years, I’ve gotten “braver” so to speak. I venture forward in levels without saving at times (with the exception of CRPGs) and I plough through games much quicker now. What has this taught me about life you ask? Well I’ve noticed that I’m more open to trying out new things and it doesn’t quite seem so scary to experiment with new things in life.

So that’s where I am at now in life. Trying out new things to figure out my place here on this small celestial sphere floating in the outer space. It’s an adventure but this time in real-life and not virtual. And that my friends is a lil’ bit of how gaming has taught me to live life a little more (that and my 7 months of bumming around).

I can’t wait to go back home tonight to finish off the final boss in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.



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