Are We Meant For Greater Things?

There is something about destiny that captures our imagination. Everything from movies to games depict life in a grander scale. It explains why some of us enjoy these things so much. Normal everyday life in retrospect is boring & most times stale. After all how many of us lead lives that are exciting and filled with adventure like the characters we see portrayed in the latest Star Wars flick for example.

The search for meaning in life is prevalent in every form of media. Most forms of media have the central theme of wanting something more out of life. A young farm boy at the edge of the galaxy dreams of being a Jedi Knight. A man convicted of the murder of his wife & lover dreams of freedom and escape. A reporter ever searches for that big scoop and finds herself embroiled in the schemes of a mad doctor bent on destroying the world. That’s just the movies mind you. Look into books, comics and video games – you’ll find that this same theme exists. What is it about destiny that so enthralls us? Are we meant for greater things on this small blue planet that sits 2 planets away from the sun?

I’d like to believe that we are meant for greater things. Our existense here on earth cannot be something more than a fluke of chance. A random sperm fertilisation that caused us to be created in the wombs of our mothers. Don’t all of us have this deep sense of destiny? But as life goes by we let LIFE itself quell it. We blind ourselves with cars, the latest gadgets and perhaps that latest fling we’ve just had; not realising that our lives are being wasted. I for one don’t want to fall in that rut. If like me you believe in a God then don’t you think that He has a purpose for us here on Earth? It feels at times like this purpose is elusive; as if God means for us to seek it out in the deep recesses of our psyche. Like Dr. Henry Jones Jr. we go on a quest to search out that ancient relic in the catacombs of our souls.

I don’t know about you but I know I’d want to discover MY purpose in life. I’m still figuring it out and deep down I know that the journey is part of the process. Give this a thought today. Do you know what your purpose on life is? Are you willing to make some personal sacrifices to find that out?

Carpe Diem.


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