I Feel Funny in My Tummy

It ain’t funny when you it’s all runny in your tummy. It must have been lunch because I was perfectly OK this morning. I had lunch at the mamak opposite my office today before steppin’ in for work. In the past 2 hours I’ve heeded the call of nature twice. TWICE!

This week has been a troubling one. The Christmas production really has been taking a toll on me. All the disagreements I’ve been having with my buhd has got me feeling somewhat blue. Working with my best buhd on the production has not been easy. Sigh … but I’m glad we’ve sorta resolved things last night during the production meeting.

On a lighter note, “The Incredibles” are hitting the big screens soon! Superheroes the Pixar Way! Now that’d be a sight to see. The trailers look good and expectations are running high. Perhaps I could catch it this weekend, hmmm? But would I have the time? Sunday can be pretty much ruled out due to the video shoot, I guess that leaves Saturday. Heh heh. But knowin’ me I’ll probably be too lazy to leave Setapak tomorrow.

Looks like it’s gonna be a weekend chock full of production goodness spilling over into Monday too!


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